Monday, January 17, 2011


I came into work for a few hours today since it is a holiday, overtime pay, so only a little work needs to be done. But the nice surprise is SNOW, it started snowing, didn't think that was going to happen it has been so cold. I turned up the heater a notch just to keep the house a bit warmer, not to mention I was cold. Might have to break out a snogo if this keeps up. The lab turned up lame so we have been sticking close to home, want that leg to heal, no visible sign of injury she must have pulled something with all that running with the snogo.

The lab did catch a eagle, it was at the bird bath and the mechanic and lab were out on the trail, the lab does like to chase birds, so when she saw that eagle close to the ground she went after it and actually caught the eagle, of course the lab is going to lose in that event, the eagle gave her a few good pecks and she let it go, good thing the eagle didn't get talons on her. She did come to the mechanic when he called her back.

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  1. I can see you in jail now cause your dog killed an eagle! It's been snow here today off and on. Are you taking more classes at school? Hows the job?