Saturday, March 3, 2012

last saturday

 Last Saturday I took the day off work and went on a snow machine ride, it was a fund raiser for cancer patients, quite a success full event, they raised allot of money.  We made costumes for the event we were abominable snowmen.  There is also a bra contest, this bra wasn't in the contest, the theme was wild and woolly, we were woolly and the bra girl was the wild.
                                                         This group was the smurfs.
                                         This is my snow machine, I put pink bows on the back.
                         There were 102 women that rode and each group had a cabana boy with them.
                                                                        The celebrity.
The guy that lead us on the ride got off the designated trail and took us on a few side trips, this was a knob that has a great view of the area we rode.  There is lots of snow this year so it was a surprise to see dirt, guess it's kind of windy up there.  After wearing that white suit all day, the last leg of my day was to go back to my car and I almost felt naked with out the suit, they sure were nice and warm.