Sunday, June 26, 2011

take me out to the ball park

Last Sunday I just could bear to go home to an empty house, so went to the Ball Park instead, free admission and hot dogs, was a little cloudy and chilly but the sun did peak out for a bit, I really enjoyed the game.  Where I was sitting must have been the lonely old ladies section, there were several that fit that description (me included). 

It has been a long week for me.  Not sure why? 

Was taking a little nap and heard a knock on the door, mind you no one ever does that, so I was surprised to see a man standing at the door with a little girl, said he was visiting from across the street and needed to chop some wood, could he borrow an ax.  So I went out side and loaned him a ax.  Not sure if this was smart or stupid.  I could hear him over there chopping wood.  When I got up in the morning the ax was returned.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

more vacation pics

 Denali a good water dog
 the cook shack on the beach we ate most our meals on the deck
 My favorite paddling boat, hold supplies, kid, dog and me.
 beautiful country to paddle by.
the dock at facilities, water taxi drop off, and since my mechanic needed the jeep keys they got to Homer one day before our vacation was over, I hooked the keys to a floatable cushion and they motored the sail boat by the end of the dock and I threw the cushion to them, successfully I might add.  So they met us at the dock in Homer and we loaded the jeep this time it was really loaded because there was 2 more bodies and more gear, back Home we went, took the kid to meet up with her mom who took her back to ANC, mechanic and buddy stayed for 2 days rested up and off to ANC they went.  I had one day to myself before I had to go back to work.  I have to say it was a nice time.


Had a good week off from work.  Took a bit of work to get the kayak, dog, kid, and supplies loaded in the jeep for Homer.  Had a nice trip on the water taxi to across the bay, could see Homer from the cabin.  It was a nice way to spend 5 days, heated cabin had bed and table, then on the property was a shower room and a cook shack on the beach. 

We did a 5 mile hike first day, 11 mile paddle second day, 5 mile hike with 3 mile paddle day 3, so day 4 we took it a bit easier, day 5 we left early back to Homer.

Sail boat update, finally HOME

Sunday, June 5, 2011


I drove to Anchorage May 23 to pick up my grand daughter. Drove back home the 24th and we had been having non-stop fun ever since. The 5 year old is so shy around other people, but you would never know it when it is just her and I she talks all the time, the only time she is quiet, is eating or I am not sure when else, because if she is quiet I have to find out what kind of trouble she is getting into.

We found a couple of activities in the newspaper last Thursday there was a quilt display, and Friday night a dance recital. One of the complaints I have about this town is the lack of directions to a function, everyone assumes that the name of a building 20 years ago is still good directions even though the building has changed names 3 times since then. All the streets have names but they don't seem to make it on the ad. So after about a 1/2 hour of looking we found the quilt display, there was about 5 cars in the parking lot. I enjoyed the quilts, and they had treats so grand kid was happy. The next night we went to the dance recital and I commented on how full the parking lot was, wonder kid response was "see I told you more people like dancing than quilts".

Next week I have off from work so we planned on a little get away. Going across the bay and stay in a cabin, bringing a boat, dog and clam shovel, hiking boating and tide pool exploring are on the agenda.

Sailboat update, some where in the ocean between Sitka and Yakatat, looks like might make Yakatat today.