Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

I took a evening class the other night, a how-to make a flower arraignment for Mothers Day. We all brought a dozen roses, vase and sharp knife. Well only one other person and the instructor showed up for class, the lady that runs the community school program got delayed in a meeting so there was no one to open up the home-ec room for us. So we visited for awhile in the hall way and then decided to go into the girls restroom for the class, we took the trash cans turned them upside down for a work station for the vases, used the water from the washing station in the bathroom. The instructor was very informative and we got our dozen roses in vases. The community school director was very impressed with the make-do attitude and said she had never had a class in the restroom before.

Which remind me of a time in high school, when a group of us wanted to watch a movie that was recommended for all to watch, well we couldn't find a empty room in the whole school, so we went into the boys bathroom and watched the film. It was a odd little movie, the only thing I can remember is someone jumping off a bridge. That and a guy I had a crush on was also in the bathroom watching the movie.