Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hard to tell in the picture but this is the bee hives when we first got them, up on the shed roof, well no more bees, with all the rain this summer they didn't do well at all. All the bees are out of the hive, I had thought they all died, but come to find out, yesterday I was putting the hives away for the winter and left 2 boxes out side so that they could dry out in the sun with the nice day that we were having. I did other out side chores and later went over by were the boxes were drying out and hear the sound of lots of bees, well I guess my bees swarmed instead of died, because there were lots of my bee's checking out the hives to make sure there wasn't anything good to eat in there. Evening time the bee's had all left I tried to see where they went but couldn't follow their flight pattern. Put the boxes away after all the bee's left. So tonight when I get home from work I am going to poke around the woods and see if I can find the bees. They are just going to die out there because the season is over and they have no food and now no home.

On the brighter side the rain did go away for my 2 days off and had nice beautiful weather the porch temp was 80. I feel like some of the mold and moss dried out on my body it was so nice to see sun. The days are starting to get so much shorter, it is still light when I walk the dogs at 6am, but the moon is also out.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 day weekend

Leaving Cordova on the Ferry Prince William Sound doesn't get any more beautiful than this.
Taken in the evening, there were 3 sea otters playing in the harbor.
A glacier calving, what a awesome sight.

The million $ bridge.


Leaving Whittier for a 3 day trip to Cordova on the Ferry. I drove to Anchorage picked up daughter and granddaughter, we drove to Whittier, got on the ferry for a 3 1/2 hour ride to Cordova, got a hotel room, something to eat and walked around the harbor. The next day we drove around and looked at the sights, saw sea otters, sea lions, fish, lots of birds. Visited some gift shops, took a walking tour of the town, ate some good food. Then drove the 50 mile road to the Millon $ bridge that was build in 1910, part of the bridge fell down in the 1964 earth quake, there is a glacier on each side of the bridge, we watched the glacier calve, the loud noise is like thunder. It was a great trip.

I think this blog is upside down, but I not sure how to make things the other way, but at least I got more than one picture on it. Ha

Thursday, August 12, 2010

don't put stuff on the top of car

I had a busy day planned on Tuesday, so loaded up the jeep for the many things to do, put my tennis shoes on top of the car, and loaded all the other stuff. Well as I left the house got off the dirt road and started driving on the highway picking up speed, and saw something out the rear view mirror, what was that on the road OH my tennis shoes, so I had to pull over, put on the 4way flashers and run back down the highway for my shoes, one shoe was in the ditch the other was in the middle of the lane so all the cars and motor homes were driving around my shoe, waited for the road to be clear and then dashed out into the highway for my shoe and ran back to the jeep.

We did get a little sun yesterday, actually got a fire going and grilled the mechanic a steak and burger for dinner. We went fishing for a couple hours, all we got was a wet line. The dog thought the fish eggs were for her to eat, and put my hook with eggs in her mouth, we yelled at her and she let the hook go. That would have been a expensive vet bill if she would have downed that treble hook.

The mechanic gets his new toy today. A John Deer tractor, I just hope by the time I get home he hasn't leveled off all the trees.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

rain rain go away, come again another day

One good thing about all the rain, it's very green and pretty, but oh for a little sun. One of my bee hives is no more, I think the queen must not have been laying eggs, bacause the hive died out and now the wild bee's are stealing from the hive.

A sad day in Alaska another death in a plane crash.

Got the kayak in the garage and working on the varnish, apparently every couple of years the finish needs to be sanded down and revarnished. I am doing it myself and had no idea it was so much work. I have sanded the first coat for about 6 hours and still not done, and that needs to be done 3 times, and this is just the bottom, when that's done, turn it over and start on the top.

Not really alot of news, doing a little sewing, walking the dogs, trying to get a run in every now and then.