Tuesday, March 19, 2013


 January was a fun quilting month for me, I had a few projects that I had been working on for awhile, and needed to get done.  This one was is for a baby being born in April, I think it turned out really well, the baby's room is brown and green, so brown and green 9 patch, and turtle pattern for the squares.  Quilted with a large stipple and loops.  I am not a stipple fan, but with the loops it turned out nice.
 This one is for baby's momma, I just enjoy the jelly rolls and this is called worlds fastest quilt, a jelly roll is a round of strips, they get sewn end to end and wrapped around to make the quilt top,  this is a Moda fabric of batiks, wonderful fabric, quilted with a tree bark pattern.
 This quilt is for my me-moo, aka Kelsey who got married.  The fabric was another jelly roll of Moda fabric, the one has 2 additional borders to make a larger quilt, found the same fabric as the jelly roll for the borders, this one was quilted with every line different, was a challenge to think of something different for every row, but turned out great.  My quilting machine really like to work on good quality fabric.
 This one is another jelly roll but not as quality of fabric but the colors were bright.  This one was quilted with a zigzag pattern alternating sizes between the strips.  A nice contrast between lines.  This quilt was a donation.
This pattern was bought two summer ago with the grand baby in mind.  Bright pink and purple batiks, the pattern is called peek-a-boo.  So I quilted those words in the border.  When the baby was sat on the quilt she tried to hug the bear.  This one was quilted with different designs in the blocks.  The yellow block in the right upper corner was quilted to look like the sun. 

I hear other women talking about quilting and they say "I don't enjoy doing that" talking about one aspect of quilting,  Well I decided that I wanted to enjoy every step of the whole quilt.  From picking out a pattern, or creating one, the fabric choices, to sewing the quilt top, and putting on the quilt frame, and finally sewing on the binding by hand.  I looked today at a quilt that I had made about 18 years ago, a bit of the stitching is coming out, so need to fix that, but was noticing how much my quilting has changed.  I am not a master quilter by any means, but I have learned allot about the process and I think gotten a little bit better, with each new quilt.

I would like to thank my mechanic for holding up the quilts to get pictures of them, even though he does complain about having to do that.  I showed him a picture of a quilt today on the Internet, and said I hope the person holding this quilt doesn't complain about it as much as you do.  He said you mean other people have to do that I thought I was the only one being abused in this manner.  He really does think he's a funny guy.