Saturday, January 5, 2013

catch up

My camera has been hanging out in the bag.  I forgot to take any pictures at Thanksgiving or Christmas.  So busy cooking for Thanksgiving didn't have time.  Was really busy during the holidays, shopping, baking, sewing, wrapping and enjoying family that once again didn't take any pictures.  For awhile it looked like we were not going to be together for Christmas.  As it turned out all my kids were together for the day.  My oldest granddaughter was not able to be with us until 5p on Christmas day so we decided to have dinner and open present after she showed up.  I think it's the first Christmas I have slept in for many years.  But I'll back up, the plan was to drive to Anchorage Monday morning, but Sunday after I got off work, there was a winter storm advisory, so we decided to pack up and head to town early.  Got the truck loaded and ready in one hour.  I forgot to load the presents good thing the mechanic found them.  I had to think of my ole KS co-workers we always wondered why the pilots needed a day off to get ready to go to SIM when they knew 6 months ahead when they were going.  People who travel allot are always ready to go.  Got to ANC unloaded the presents at my daughters house, got some dinner and checked into the Hotel, we had a nice room, there was a pool and comfortable breakfast area.  Got lots of things done while we were there, last minute shopping, business that need to be taken care of, the secret to ANC is be like an old person get out early and get done early, there is no line before 11a.  The mechanic cooked a prime rib for Christmas dinner, daughter made a salad and mashed potatoes it was a yummy meal, and lots of cookies and treats to eat.  Time with family is what makes the time so special.   Drove home Wednesday, back to the grind on Thursday, my mechanic left the same day for on a temp job.  My oldest son's bunch drove down for New Years, so had company for 3 days, they spent lots of time on the Elan snow machine and enjoyed a good outdoor fire every evening.