Monday, June 21, 2010

trip to the vet

Denali got a trip to the vet, Saturday morning her face was all swollen, I had flash back of the ole hound's many trips to the vet last year because of her swollen face, so figured I better get Denali to the vet to get checked. We sat in the vets office for 2 hours, I think the other dogs that came in after us had bigger emergency's. Bottom line is they couldn't find anything wrong with her, so gave her some Benadril and took money and on our merry way. Her swelling did go away the next day. The sun has come back out and so the bee's are busy flying again, there was lots of movement yesterday when I walked by the hives. I was thinking if they couldn't fly for a few more days I might have to feed them again. Hopefully we'll have some sun for awhile.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

ode to a Dad

One dad was there for the first step, word, day of school, graduation and wedding, but for some reason figured that was enough. Then another Dad was there for help, support, advice, escort granddaughter down the isle, smiles, hugs, big "I love you's", and being a real Dad. So thanks Dad you know who you are.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

ole hound

You would think after getting stuck in the creek and getting left behind the ole hound would try to stay closer, and I think she is, but I'm convinced she can't see or hear very well, she starts to lag behind and I call, clap, whistle, and wave my arms and she is looking every where but where I am. Her nose seems to still work good because I can see her when she gets behind in the trees with her nose down trying to find me. Yesterday she decided to turn around and walk back home the way we had come from instead of doing a loop she turned back. I looked all over for her, finally gave up and headed for home, she is waiting for me at home wondering what happened, I was wondering why she turned around.

I finally got up the nerve to go join some ladies at the community center for their quilting group. I took a kit that I had bought in NM and worked on that, the other ladies were working on a quilt for someone who had broke their leg. They meet at 10a and stop for lunch and then go til about 4p. I enjoyed getting out and got the quilt top finished, I think I will go again.

Monday, June 14, 2010

eagle vs hawk

An amazing sight this weekend while out walking the dogs, a hawk going after a eagle, the hawk would fly down from above the eagle and the eagle would put out it talons and flip in the air to try and catch the hawk. They tried several times to take out each other, but neither won and they just kept on flying.

So while walking the dogs we went just a slightly different way than usual and the ole hounddog decided to take a short cut home, but when I got home she wasn't there, so I ate some cherries and finished reading the paper, still no hound so I decided better go look for her, so went back to were I last saw her, I could hear her barking but couldn't see her, that's when I figured out she must be in the creek, sure enough she had fallen in the creek and couldn't climb the bank to get back out. So I went in to the creek the water was about waist deep and got her out, she was COLD, and walked really close to me all the way back home, good thing it was sunny and warm out and still daylight so I was able to find her. That could be how we lost one dog, but if he did go in the creek in was winter, ice, dark, and cold.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


While on my afternoon walk with the dogs yesterday, not to long after leaving the house, one of the neighbors was doing some shooting, well there are houses on 3 sides of the neighbors house, so the only direction to logically be pointing a gun was in the direction I was walking. My poor ole hounddog who doesn't like guns at all, didn't run home but was right under my legs. So I decided to not walk any closer to the shooting, and went the other way instead, it was a really nice walk so I kept on walking farther than I have went in that direction before, lots of birds, eagles, hawks, crows, and a loon. We walked so far that I figured a ride home was in order, so once we got to the highway, the mechanic came and picked us up and took us home.

My granddaughter got to spend the week with me, I had Mon/Tue/Wed off from work so her dad brought her down on Sun, and her auntie came down and took her home Fri. Give that kid a mound of dirt and she has a enjoyable place to play. We went to the rodeo, new playground in town and a trip to Homer to look at boats.