Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The town I live in (a short essay)

I do like where I live, most of the time.  Usually it is best to stay home and avoid the crowds.  This time of year is especially busy.  A friend brought his boat down here and left it, we have gone out fishing a few times with him on the busy river.  Combat fishing at it finest, we did catch fish and the weather was great.  Since it has been so warm out I like to take the dogs to the lake so they can swim and cool off.  Today thought I thought we would go to the ocean since we hadn't been for a long time.  Big mistake, the tide was out, there were hordes of people, I stopped to let the dogs out they only got muddy and some lady was hollering at her dog, so we just decided to leave.  Since they got the jeep all muddy I figured I had better stop at a lake and let them swim to get clean, well there is a sign on the side of the road that says lake public access, so we drive there, it is a 4-wheeler trail and when you get there the access is blocked.  So I try a different lake, it was funny when the dogs jumped in there was a trail of mud coming off them.  (My jeep is a mess).  But all that made me cranky and the heat didn't help, it said 92 on the porch.  I did try to get some yard work done, but with all the bugs one has to dress covered, not good in all that heat, so I gave up and went downstairs where it is 60 and quilted.  The dogs though still needed to get another swim so up to the closest lake we went, it has been very busy this summer with the heat, families fishing, picnics, swimming, but there is usually room for me to throw the ball in the water for the dogs.  Tonight there was a dad with his 2 kids there fishing, and those kids were bringing in the trout, I've never seen anyone catch fish there before.  Then here they come, several loud truck with young men and snow machines in the back of 2 trucks and a little boat in another truck.  They weren't loud and crazy, they just wanted to have some fun, I asked them if they were going to ride the snow machines on the water, they said yes, but they didn't want to bother the dad and sons fishing, so they asked the dad if they could ride and he didn't mind.  So off they unload the snow machines and head for the lake.  The first guy only got part way across the lake and he sunk, said the ski got caught in the water.  They spent about 1/2  hour trying to get the machine back out of the water, but the rope came off and they couldn't find the machine again. They were still looking for the machine when I left, the rider was sure he would find it and get it out.  So then the second guy got on his machine and rode across the lake and back again.  We all were cheering for him.  I got his picture it was awesome to watch.  Moral of this story is the people in my day that could have been the worse were actually the best.