Thursday, October 21, 2010


The hockey team that called for me to play, is going to let me play with them even though I'm not a very good hockey player, but I do enjoy playing. I did get a goal last Sunday night's game. Totally freaked me out, but was exciting to get one in the net. The first game I played there was 3 lines, the next game there was 4 on the bench and last game was 2 lines. Not sure what happened to all them players, but it's nice for more ice time. I am really sore and have a huge bruise on one thigh, but so worth it.

Another dog fell in the creek about a mile up from where the ole hound fell in. It was the neighbors lab that fell in. So we went on a longer walk were she had never been with us before and I don't think she knew the creek was there and she runs so fast she fell right in. Fortunately she started whimpering right away and I heard her, the grass is over my head by the creek so I fought my was to where I could hear her and had to get down on hands and knees to reach way down and pull her by the neck out of the creek. She stayed a little closer after that.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Finished up the machine quilting class, the class was on a regular sewing machine, not a long arm, but most of the principals I learned will apply to the long arm. The best thing I learned was to relax, enjoy and slow down until I get more comfortable with the long arm. The long arm quilting hasn't been going well, so I've not been spending any time on the machine, but I am ready to tackle quilting on the long arm again. I have a cute kids print panel on the long arm now and am doing some thread painting on the picture and it's actually fun. I have tried to quilt 2 different quilts and had to take them off and rip out all the stitches, not fun.

Gotten much colder out. The moose trails that are usually full of water were the dogs and I walk are frozen now, so the ole hound and I are having a easier walk on the ice instead of in water, the lab prefers the water but there is still plenty of that for her.

We took a evening walk 2 nights ago and a large quiet shadow flew over head, swooped down over the dogs, they got quite excited and started barking at it. Took me a few seconds to realize it was an owl. Last night I could hear the wolves howling. There must have been more activity out side because the dogs woke me up at 5a, so I stayed up and watched on DVD part of "Emily of New Moon" and worked on a cross stitch project. Sure am tired at work, because I stayed up late last night listening to the ACES first home hockey game on the radio.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


after 2 years of asking to play, I finally got on a Hockey team, the local group is called "Rusty Blades". One team needed a girl so I got the call, very excited, got to play my first game last Monday night, a bit different then playing with the KS guys, but fun, and we won. Had a quilting class on Tue night and then Wed I went to ANC for the day. My daughter picked me up at the a/p I used her car for the day because she had recurrent training. Got to see some of the KS people at the training center that was nice to see familiar faces. Then my mechanic left today, so with him being gone down to Canada first 9 days of the month, OH he did buy that boat. I only got to see him for about 4 days. But next month I get a week off from work and get to go back down to Canada with him and we are going sailing. So tired at work today, another quilting class tonight, but then it all slows down again.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

my life condensed version

6a rise, walk dogs 20 minutes, shower, eat, dress
715a leave for work
5p arrive back home, change clothes, grab snack, walk dogs about 1 hour
630p read newspaper
7p watch movie with stitching or go down stairs and sew
10p bed

weekend still get up at 6a to walk dogs, because the neighbors dogs are out later and to much commotion. Lazy breakfast, go quilting or store for groceries a real treat is a cup of coffee at the internet cafe.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Here's a picture of the mechanic on his tractor, we got that spot that use to be gravel planted in grass seed now and it is turning green, been having lots of rain and still warm temps.

Carring a camera on my evening walk with the dogs would be a good thing, but then they also say I should be carring a gun and I don't do that either. Really though a camera would be nice, but it is so seldom I see somthing cool, and when I do see something cool there really isn't enough time to take a picture. Last evening would have been a good time to have a camera, I saw a baby owl perched on top of a skinny pine tree swaying in the wind. A magpie and camp robber where sqacking quite a bit at the owl, but it just sat there and watched all the comotion around it, like the dogs running every where, me laying on the tundra watching it. It was so cool to be that close to an owl and get to watch it up close it's head moving all around. It never did fly away. I have only heard the owls go "who" when it is dark out so it was cool to actually see one in the day time.