Sunday, January 16, 2011

snow machine ride

This adventure happened 2 weeks ago, was a nice sunny afternoon so about 3p I decided to walk the dogs, but the dogs got to walk and I got to ride one of the old skidoo elans. So told the mechanic we were going to the eagle watering hole. When I got to the watering hole I ran into a trapper so we chatted for a couple minutes he called that cool spot the "bird bath:. Said the eagles will get totally wet and then they can't fly until they dry off. Even in the winter they get totally wet in the open water. So I decided that since it was so nice out we would go a bit farther down the trail and do a loop and end up back home. So down the trail we went, well I missed the turn off and ended up going a long ways down the trail. About the time the sun was going down, I figured I better let the mechanic know where I was, so I stopped looked at my cel phone which is zipped up in my coveralls right, it's 430p, well I got to pee so I';; call him after I pee. Some how the cel phone fell out of my coveralls (could have been the unzipped pocket ha) I couldn't find the cel phone in the snow anywhere, it's getting dark and I got to keep moving. We went a few more miles down the trail and I realize that this isn't right I must turn back. Meanwhile the dogs are still running with me, the ole hound had caught up with us when were at the bird bath, I thought she had stayed home, so I have to let her ride with me on the snogo but it's hard to ride that old machine with a dog so I kept falling off it or the trail, make her run a while and then give her a ride. Well the 2 trappers had told me that day, they had lots of traps out, so then I worry about the labs getting caught in traps, if we keep moving then they won't be poking their noses or foot in a trap. Good think I had my headlamp with me because the elan has no headlight, so we are heading back home finally in the dark, and the elan quits running about 3/4 of a mile from home. So I start walking home. I hear a snow machine running and stops and someone is hollering well it's the mechanic, he has been out looking for me for the last 2 hours. He isn't very happy with me cuz I'm not where I said I would be and I didn't call. Well we went back and got the elan and drug it home, got it running again and sno go's in the garage, when I went in the house it was 8p. The mechanic went to look for the cel phone the next day but didn't find it so I got a new cel phone. The hardest thing about no cel phone, I don't know any phone number and no way to tell time.

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  1. You know that you should always follow your filed flight plan! Does your elan have seats? Out at my dads cabin the bears have removed the seats for us so we use pillows and a bungee cord.