Thursday, May 27, 2010

still kickin

Haven't blogged for awhile, was hoping to get on the internet in Hawaii, but couldn't find any free internet cafe spots. Then got back home and of course been busy, the weather has been great, lots of things to do outside, plus I have to play with my new machine, so haven't been to the library for internet either. Our well quit working so had to have a drill truck come out and put in a new pump, got the septic system pumped out and got the industrial sewing machine back from the sewing machine store so an expensive couple of days off. So back to work. Will get some pics on soon.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

be careful

Got a big surprise, when I went to pay for me purchase at Lowes and my credit card was rejected. So called the bank in the morning, they had put a stop on all transactions, someone got ahold of my card number and was making purchases Macys in NY for $350 and there was more things they tried to buy, so I don't have a credit card now til a new one comes in the mail. Not sure how much they charged, the bank tried to call me, but had a old phone number, so just stopped all purchases, which was very nice. Not sure where they got the number, lady at bank said maybe internet.

Happier note the quilting machine is all most put together, the mechanic did his part, I just need to put the leaders on the rollers, but it got to late last night and we hadn't had any dinner and the dogs still needed their walk, so we called it quits for the night. When I walked downstairs this morning where the machine is it sort of smelled like new car. Been searching for a good business name, was hoping for something cutey and sweet, but as one co-worker said that isn't me, so guess the name should be short and simple so am going with "Denali Quilting"

Friday, May 7, 2010

quilt machine

The mechanic stopped at the quilt shop where I bought the machine to see if he could go to her house and see how it's all set up. But the shop owner was to busy to take him to the house and look, but there was another lady in the store who has one at her house and she said we could go over and look at hers, so after work we went to their house and talked and looked for over and hour, nice couple. Then we went to Lowes and got the pipe needed for setting up the machine, so the mechanic is busy today setting it all up. I wanted to call in sick to day and stay home, but decided that was wrong (I really wasn't feeling well, but not enough to stay home), to work I went. Not sure how much I will get to play with the machine before vacation. But I am excited to have the machine in the house.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

quilting machine

The machine arrived in ANC and my mechanic is on his way down with it. He will also be setting the machine up for me, (how nice). He is going to stop and see the machine that I tried out to see how it's set up. I stopped at one of the quilt shops yesterday and the owner provided a couple phone numbers for a group that makes quilts for foster kids, I will give them a call when we get back from HI and see if they would like my services for free, so I have some quilts to practice on and also can get my name out there, so I can get some quilts for hire, when my work looks good.

I saw one of my bees land on the porch yesterday and it had pollen on it's leg, like a picture in the books, the poor bee looked like it needed a break and hopefully it was headed back to the hive. My bee's look different than the ones we have seen in the past that get caught on the mosquito eater, my bees are small and really pretty yellow.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Picture this... at the back end of our property, there are lots of trees, mossy ground and about a 10 foot drop off before the creek. Yesterday afternoon while walking the dogs, well only one dog was with me my faithful hound, by the creek I decided to sit down and enjoy the peaceful music of water, relaxing there petting the hound, I could hear the lab barking and another sound that I hadn't heard before, the lab had found something to bark at. Wondered over there to see what she was barking at and it's a turkey. First I thought it must be a wild turkey there are a few here and since they are not native you can shoot them. So I decided to get the dog from chasing the turkey and barking at it but that didn't work so well the dog and turkey were running around trees, the turkey would bite and hiss at the dog, some times it would get it feet up and try to claw the dog. Well I didn't want to get to close to the turkey I thought it might bite me, but the turkey figured out I was trying to get the dog away from it and kept coming closer to me. So it wasn't a wild turkey after all but somebodies pet turkey that got away. The neighbors up the street have turkeys, so finally I got the lab away from the turkey called the neighbors and they said they'd be down to get the turkey. But they went to the wrong house and it wasn't till much later that someone showed up, but by that time it was to late to do anything. What a good bird dog!