Monday, March 29, 2010

visiting NM

This is beautiful New Mexico full moon over the (Mountains)

Friday, March 26, 2010

baby goats

Last night I went to the Coop place, they had a little presentation of Goats, it was very interesting, but the neat part was the baby goats, someone brought 3 baby goats that were born the day before, they were triplets all different colors, one brown, one black, one black and white. They were so cute, soft and sweet. Made a quick trip to Anchorage last weekend, had to get my teeth cleaned. Did some shopping, visiting, and had dinner with my kids. Next week off to New Mexico.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I was brave

My last Friday after work, really a Monday I was very brave. Really needed to get some fresh air, dogs needed a good run, so got the old skidoo out of the garage and went riding by myself, no mechanic at home to bail me out if something happened. (the bravery, I have never went out before without the mechanic close by. It was great, I had a big smile on my face the whole time, went exploring down trails I have never been on before, when the dogs got tired they would jump on the sno machine, could even get both of them on and still go. We were out riding for 2 hours nothing happened and made it home ok. Next morning daughter and granddaughter left ANC early and got to my place we had the sno machines out and ready to ride by 11a so off exploring we went again. Found many places where the eagles had left wing and tail feather marks in the snow. The old skidoo did break down about 8 miles from home but called the mechanic and he gave me some pointers on getting it home, I was following instructions very well I thought, until a old guy came along and had a different train of thought, he had a long piece of tow rope that turned out to be very helpful and we got the machine running again. So did make it home ok again. It was such a beautiful day out, blue sky, warm temp and just great to be out there. The next day we went to town to watch the St Patricks day parade, think small and they don't close the street for the event, did have lots of candy for the kids though.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

bee have a home

The 2 packages of bees I ordered now have a home. After work yesterday we drove to a local beekeepers place and he sold us 2 boxes of hives which consist of a bottom board, 2 deeps, 2 mediums, top and feeder. He traded some of the new combs for used drawn comb, also some with honey in the comb, which was great, that should result in more honey, the bees wont have to work as hard to get comb ready for brood and storing honey. Not sure I am using all the right bee words. We are going to put the bee hives on top of a shed roof, hopefully that will keep the bears out of the hives the shed is on our 2nd lot and is in a sunny spot with trees all around which should be a good place for the bees to live. The beekeeper was really helpfull with ideas and said he would come by anytime to look at the bees to see how there are doing. I am sure I will be asking him lots of questions this summer.

Friday, March 12, 2010

iditarod spirit lives on

After work yesterday the dogs and I hauled 2 more loads of wood, so the old hound went 12 miles again, got to keep closer tabs on her, I didn't know she was following me the first trip and she showed up just as we were leaving with a load of wood. A few days ago one of the neighbors was talking with us while we were cutting wood and said to watch the dogs, there are wolves close by. One lady was killed by wolves a few days ago in one of the villages. So the second trip I made sure that the old hound stayed close. Then we put her in the garage and the lab and I made a run to the eagles watering hole. That old skidoo sure is a cold ride with out a cowling, but it's fun to ride, goes really good on the trails. Got home just as it was getting dark, got rid of the headache from work with all that fresh air.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Iditarod spirit

I think my dogs have the Iditarod Spirit, yesterday we cut wood and hauled several loads to the house, a load being about 100 lbs of wood because we use a small sled behind a well used 1980 skidoo elan which is missing several parts but runs, mechanics are so useful. So the good wood cutting spot is about 3 miles behind the house, the dogs like to run with the sno machine the lab can run about 20 mph and keep up for the 3 miles, the old hound dog followed along, and on her third leg she was so proud of herself for making the 9 miles, but after 12 miles she was giving me dirty looks and saying let me in the garage where its warm I have had enough. The lab did 4 round trips during the day plus all the other exploring she does. With a little help the hound will get on the machine for a ride, and the lab has figured out that a free ride is kind of nice on the parts of the trail that are long straight and fast. I was out riding by myself the day before while the mechanic was hauling some wood, and was looking for the lake that is about 8 miles from the house, but with the blowing snow I had lost the trail and was starting to get lost, so decided to head back home, another sno machiner showed up and showed me where the trail was. As I was leaving the lake I hit something and the handle bars jerked and I went off the back of the machine and it drove into the trees, but I was able to get it back on the trail myself and the guy that showed me the lake didn't see me crash (thanks goodness).

Sunday, March 7, 2010

fun was had by all

My favorite side kick will go out about one time when he is here, usually out for dinner. Last night there was a fund raiser for the local playground that will be build this summer. For a ticket there was a dinner and lots of opportunities to spend extra money. Buy a balloon, silent and live actions, a heads or tails game which was buy a necklace then the people with the necklace had to stand and place their hands on ones head or rear, the mc flipped a coin, if ones had their hands on the wrong body part you sat down, so by process of elimination only one was left standing, the person that won gave the money back to the fund raiser. After all the auctions, there was a live band but by that time it was very late so we didn't get to enjoy much music and the band was good. We won 3 silent actions items, took home a quilt, tool and pink basket full of goodies. I have to say for one of the first times in my life I feel like I stayed out to late and spent too much money. I am tired at work.