Friday, January 14, 2011

lab vs moose

The mechanic has been home for the last 12 days and he does keep me busy. I do have stories to tell though...

The lab has a thing about moose they can't be in her yard, they can't be on her trail, they can't be where she is walking on the roadway or even by the road, she has to go bark at them. If the moose runs she will follow for awhile, figure she has did her job and then come back to me. If the moose decides that it can tolerate the barking dog and just stands there eating, she will continue to bark at it for who knows how long. So I go for a walk with the 2 dogs and there is a moose that decides it doesn't care if that dumb dog is barking. Of course the moose is out in the open and so I give it lots of room in case Mr Moose decides to run my direction. So the dog wouldn't come to me when I called, I walked away hoping she would follow and she doesn't, the dog barked at the moose for 1/2 hour. Well by this time it's getting late and darkness isn't to far away and I know the trappers will be coming out of the woods on their snogo's so I need to get the dog off the moose so they don't shoot the dog. I have walked about and extra 1/2 mile with the dog still barking at the moose, so by this time I am so mad I am going to get that dog, moose there or not. So I walk toward the dog and moose the moose runs off into the wood with the dog behind, once the moose is in the woods the dog comes back to me and here comes the trappers, at least the moose is gone, so I finally get up to the dog and hit her (gently of course). We'll that would be a lesson learned the shock collar is now on her for our walks and it works great a shock when she chases the moose and she comes right back to me without the moose. The moose count is up by my house 6 in a mile or less.

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  1. Abby stopped chasing moose when she "caught" one and it nailed her a few times. Dogs, what would we do without them?