Friday, January 21, 2011

did ya ever wonder?

where a moose gets a drink of water in the winter? Well I never thought about that, until I saw a place were the creek had some overflow as I was getting my boots wet while walking on the frozen creek. So I got off the creek in case I fell through the ice and there was a soft spot where it looked like a desert movie how they dig in the sand and hope some water trickles in the hole. The moose in the snow (not the desert) had dug a spot and it looked like the water had flowed in the spot he dug and he got a drink.
My last days off, on a 3 day weekend, I took a walk to the bird bath, which had no open water due to the cold weather for so long, but the birds were still hanging around there. So picture this (since I have no camera, but I will get a cheapo small one to carry on my walks I promise) nice snow cover land, evergreen trees, a huge full moon sitting just on top of the trees, beautiful bright blue sky, and 25 eagles sitting on tree's and flying through the air. It was such a awesome sight I actually had a tear in my eye ( and I don't tear up very easy).

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  1. That was dust in your eye! I don't belive that you got a tear! But God does some really good work soetimes (Okay, all the time)