Saturday, July 30, 2011

pictures from the last few weeks

                                                     Dip netting Kasilof River
                                        Was a beautiful day to be out, we only got 1 fish

             There were 2 guys in Dry Suits floating the current they did really good catching fish
                                                       Sail boat heading for dry land
                                                            Gotta love beautiful Alaska
                                Sail boat headed from Harbor to Land  (pics a bit out of order)

                                                            4th of July Canoe Jousting
                               Mechanic giving his boat a cleaning, you can see the lab on board
                                                     4th of July Pie Eating contest

Homer Harbor Derelict Boat with Seagull Nest
Survival Suit Race 4th of July

Young Eagle let me get really close to take picture Homer Harbor 4th of July

Friday, July 15, 2011

new queen

Hey big news,  Went to the dr with daughter to see what kind of baby, ITS A GIRL, 

and one of my bee hives lost it's queen, so I called the bee guy and he sold me another queen, he also came by the house and looked at the hives, sure enough no queen so that hive should be back in business with a queen to boss them around again.