Sunday, February 6, 2011


It's been lots of fun lately with all the new snow. Not the snow blowing and shoveling part, but the snow machine part. I have got out quite a bit lately, learning to stay close to home with the mechanic gone though. The old elan broke down on me one day, but I got it running again, just did all the little tricks that I have seen the mechanic do and got the machine running again and got home. Took a long ride in the fresh snow, the elan felt like a jet ski. That day it kept running fine, I sure get funny looks from the folks that have high dollar machines with all their snow gear on. Three night ago I decided to go for a ride went to the bird bath and got about mile and half from home and the machine quite running, I think I ran out of gas, so walked home got another snow machine and went back to tow the elan home. The hardest part of that trip was getting all the machines back in the garage, I was pooped by then.

Got home from work yesterday had to run the snow blower again, shoveled snow and couldn't resist just had to go for a ride so took out the rescue machine and got in a quick ride. Feels like I spend the day on handle bars, snow blower, snow machine and quilting machine, but I am enjoying it all.


  1. Are you on trails or are you making your own? Don't get too lost! Hows work going for you?

  2. Throwing snow is never any fun, but playing in it - oh yes :)