Saturday, February 19, 2011

silver lining

sometimes one just had to look hard for the bright side. I had a bad day at work, but my son and granddaughter came to visit so that was nice. About 730p grandkid and I drove up to the store, after our shopping we went out to the car and it had a flat tire. That's the 3rd time this winter that tire has gone flat. So I put the spare on which is just one of those funky little tires, but that went flat as we drove away. So here is my jeep in the road in the winter with 2 flat tires now. The silver lining. It wasn't very cold out, there wasn't alot of traffic around, we had lots of grocerys in the car. Called my son to bring me a summer tire. So today I drove the mechanic vehicle to work with my 2 flat tires in the back to drop off at the tire place today.

1 comment:

  1. More silver, you have frinds and family that you cancount on to help (if they are in town!)
    More silver, hey! they were in town!