Friday, February 18, 2011


My daughter and SIL drove down for a few days, the plan was to go snow machining up in the hills, but as the day got later and we hadn't even left the house it was decided to just go out behind the house. Turned out to be a good plan her machine broke and had to be towed home. We still got to go out for a nice ride until the neighbors lab got caught in a trap. So we started back home. The lab is OK, but I have 2 new dog bites on my arms to add the the 2 scars I already have from dog bites. It was a nice day and a good day for a ride. My ole hound doesn't like to lay in the snow, so a nice soft bed on me she found. They also got to come watch me play hockey, and took some pictures of the game. That's me on the bottom of the picture.

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  1. still have all your teeth? That poor hound dog, her feet must be cold!