Thursday, August 12, 2010

don't put stuff on the top of car

I had a busy day planned on Tuesday, so loaded up the jeep for the many things to do, put my tennis shoes on top of the car, and loaded all the other stuff. Well as I left the house got off the dirt road and started driving on the highway picking up speed, and saw something out the rear view mirror, what was that on the road OH my tennis shoes, so I had to pull over, put on the 4way flashers and run back down the highway for my shoes, one shoe was in the ditch the other was in the middle of the lane so all the cars and motor homes were driving around my shoe, waited for the road to be clear and then dashed out into the highway for my shoe and ran back to the jeep.

We did get a little sun yesterday, actually got a fire going and grilled the mechanic a steak and burger for dinner. We went fishing for a couple hours, all we got was a wet line. The dog thought the fish eggs were for her to eat, and put my hook with eggs in her mouth, we yelled at her and she let the hook go. That would have been a expensive vet bill if she would have downed that treble hook.

The mechanic gets his new toy today. A John Deer tractor, I just hope by the time I get home he hasn't leveled off all the trees.


  1. So that's how shoes get on the roads. I always wondered if somebody was missing theor shoes.

  2. I've done that a time or two myself, but with things like soda pop..