Thursday, August 26, 2010


Hard to tell in the picture but this is the bee hives when we first got them, up on the shed roof, well no more bees, with all the rain this summer they didn't do well at all. All the bees are out of the hive, I had thought they all died, but come to find out, yesterday I was putting the hives away for the winter and left 2 boxes out side so that they could dry out in the sun with the nice day that we were having. I did other out side chores and later went over by were the boxes were drying out and hear the sound of lots of bees, well I guess my bees swarmed instead of died, because there were lots of my bee's checking out the hives to make sure there wasn't anything good to eat in there. Evening time the bee's had all left I tried to see where they went but couldn't follow their flight pattern. Put the boxes away after all the bee's left. So tonight when I get home from work I am going to poke around the woods and see if I can find the bees. They are just going to die out there because the season is over and they have no food and now no home.

On the brighter side the rain did go away for my 2 days off and had nice beautiful weather the porch temp was 80. I feel like some of the mold and moss dried out on my body it was so nice to see sun. The days are starting to get so much shorter, it is still light when I walk the dogs at 6am, but the moon is also out.


  1. If you find them can you get them to come back? Kidnapp the queen? Take the new nest and put that in your hive?

  2. The days are getting shorter here too. Just getting light at 6a and about dark by 8p.