Tuesday, August 24, 2010

3 day weekend

Leaving Cordova on the Ferry Prince William Sound doesn't get any more beautiful than this.
Taken in the evening, there were 3 sea otters playing in the harbor.
A glacier calving, what a awesome sight.

The million $ bridge.


Leaving Whittier for a 3 day trip to Cordova on the Ferry. I drove to Anchorage picked up daughter and granddaughter, we drove to Whittier, got on the ferry for a 3 1/2 hour ride to Cordova, got a hotel room, something to eat and walked around the harbor. The next day we drove around and looked at the sights, saw sea otters, sea lions, fish, lots of birds. Visited some gift shops, took a walking tour of the town, ate some good food. Then drove the 50 mile road to the Millon $ bridge that was build in 1910, part of the bridge fell down in the 1964 earth quake, there is a glacier on each side of the bridge, we watched the glacier calve, the loud noise is like thunder. It was a great trip.

I think this blog is upside down, but I not sure how to make things the other way, but at least I got more than one picture on it. Ha


  1. Looks like you allhad a good time. I think I have been to Cordova one time?

  2. What a fun trip Pam. Why no pictures of the daughter and grandbaby? Or the mechanic? I'd love to see them..