Sunday, June 6, 2010


While on my afternoon walk with the dogs yesterday, not to long after leaving the house, one of the neighbors was doing some shooting, well there are houses on 3 sides of the neighbors house, so the only direction to logically be pointing a gun was in the direction I was walking. My poor ole hounddog who doesn't like guns at all, didn't run home but was right under my legs. So I decided to not walk any closer to the shooting, and went the other way instead, it was a really nice walk so I kept on walking farther than I have went in that direction before, lots of birds, eagles, hawks, crows, and a loon. We walked so far that I figured a ride home was in order, so once we got to the highway, the mechanic came and picked us up and took us home.

My granddaughter got to spend the week with me, I had Mon/Tue/Wed off from work so her dad brought her down on Sun, and her auntie came down and took her home Fri. Give that kid a mound of dirt and she has a enjoyable place to play. We went to the rodeo, new playground in town and a trip to Homer to look at boats.


  1. Hello Pamila ~

    Glad your HI trip went well.

    Gotta be careful with those shooters. You never know what might happen.

    Very nice that your Granddaughter got to spend some time with you. Where was the rodeo?

  2. The rodeo was in Soldotna just a little one, but still fun to watch, Bee's doing good. I do think they are a little behind schedule but I'm just happy they are still moving and alive. My ole hounddog has never liked guns that's why she was a free hunting dog. Not sure how far the walk was just miles and miles of swampy powerline.