Monday, June 21, 2010

trip to the vet

Denali got a trip to the vet, Saturday morning her face was all swollen, I had flash back of the ole hound's many trips to the vet last year because of her swollen face, so figured I better get Denali to the vet to get checked. We sat in the vets office for 2 hours, I think the other dogs that came in after us had bigger emergency's. Bottom line is they couldn't find anything wrong with her, so gave her some Benadril and took money and on our merry way. Her swelling did go away the next day. The sun has come back out and so the bee's are busy flying again, there was lots of movement yesterday when I walked by the hives. I was thinking if they couldn't fly for a few more days I might have to feed them again. Hopefully we'll have some sun for awhile.

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  1. Maybe he got bit by a bee? Our old dog Lucky was stung on the top of his snout and it swelled up about five times the normal size for about a week. His hair fell our and then the skin all pealed off. Was nasty.. Now his snout is pink spotted instead of black with very little hair.