Thursday, June 17, 2010

ole hound

You would think after getting stuck in the creek and getting left behind the ole hound would try to stay closer, and I think she is, but I'm convinced she can't see or hear very well, she starts to lag behind and I call, clap, whistle, and wave my arms and she is looking every where but where I am. Her nose seems to still work good because I can see her when she gets behind in the trees with her nose down trying to find me. Yesterday she decided to turn around and walk back home the way we had come from instead of doing a loop she turned back. I looked all over for her, finally gave up and headed for home, she is waiting for me at home wondering what happened, I was wondering why she turned around.

I finally got up the nerve to go join some ladies at the community center for their quilting group. I took a kit that I had bought in NM and worked on that, the other ladies were working on a quilt for someone who had broke their leg. They meet at 10a and stop for lunch and then go til about 4p. I enjoyed getting out and got the quilt top finished, I think I will go again.


  1. Hey! You joined a "stich-n-bitch" ! good for you. That's one way to get stuff done. Old dogs do bring new problems.

  2. Good for you Pam! I'm so glad you got the nerve up to join the group!! Hope you enjoy it.
    Those ladies will be just freakout once they hear you have a BIG machine!