Monday, June 14, 2010

eagle vs hawk

An amazing sight this weekend while out walking the dogs, a hawk going after a eagle, the hawk would fly down from above the eagle and the eagle would put out it talons and flip in the air to try and catch the hawk. They tried several times to take out each other, but neither won and they just kept on flying.

So while walking the dogs we went just a slightly different way than usual and the ole hounddog decided to take a short cut home, but when I got home she wasn't there, so I ate some cherries and finished reading the paper, still no hound so I decided better go look for her, so went back to were I last saw her, I could hear her barking but couldn't see her, that's when I figured out she must be in the creek, sure enough she had fallen in the creek and couldn't climb the bank to get back out. So I went in to the creek the water was about waist deep and got her out, she was COLD, and walked really close to me all the way back home, good thing it was sunny and warm out and still daylight so I was able to find her. That could be how we lost one dog, but if he did go in the creek in was winter, ice, dark, and cold.


  1. So she was able to be out of the water? Or was she swimming all that time? Not a fast moving creek? I'm so glad that you were able to get her out. I had a close call with Abby one time when she was not aboe to get out of a sink hole full of water. I got her out! What we wont do for our dogs!

  2. Glad you were able to rescue your pup.

    The eagle and hawk would have been a sight to see.

  3. not sure if she had to swim the whole time, but she sure was hanging on to the bank, it's not a fast moving creek.