Sunday, May 2, 2010


Picture this... at the back end of our property, there are lots of trees, mossy ground and about a 10 foot drop off before the creek. Yesterday afternoon while walking the dogs, well only one dog was with me my faithful hound, by the creek I decided to sit down and enjoy the peaceful music of water, relaxing there petting the hound, I could hear the lab barking and another sound that I hadn't heard before, the lab had found something to bark at. Wondered over there to see what she was barking at and it's a turkey. First I thought it must be a wild turkey there are a few here and since they are not native you can shoot them. So I decided to get the dog from chasing the turkey and barking at it but that didn't work so well the dog and turkey were running around trees, the turkey would bite and hiss at the dog, some times it would get it feet up and try to claw the dog. Well I didn't want to get to close to the turkey I thought it might bite me, but the turkey figured out I was trying to get the dog away from it and kept coming closer to me. So it wasn't a wild turkey after all but somebodies pet turkey that got away. The neighbors up the street have turkeys, so finally I got the lab away from the turkey called the neighbors and they said they'd be down to get the turkey. But they went to the wrong house and it wasn't till much later that someone showed up, but by that time it was to late to do anything. What a good bird dog!


  1. That is a good bird dog. I have never heard about wild turkeys in AK.

  2. there are wild turkeys here, but really maybe just tame one's that have gone wild.