Saturday, May 8, 2010

be careful

Got a big surprise, when I went to pay for me purchase at Lowes and my credit card was rejected. So called the bank in the morning, they had put a stop on all transactions, someone got ahold of my card number and was making purchases Macys in NY for $350 and there was more things they tried to buy, so I don't have a credit card now til a new one comes in the mail. Not sure how much they charged, the bank tried to call me, but had a old phone number, so just stopped all purchases, which was very nice. Not sure where they got the number, lady at bank said maybe internet.

Happier note the quilting machine is all most put together, the mechanic did his part, I just need to put the leaders on the rollers, but it got to late last night and we hadn't had any dinner and the dogs still needed their walk, so we called it quits for the night. When I walked downstairs this morning where the machine is it sort of smelled like new car. Been searching for a good business name, was hoping for something cutey and sweet, but as one co-worker said that isn't me, so guess the name should be short and simple so am going with "Denali Quilting"


  1. Wow! Good thing that they xxcle the card for you!

    I like that name, Denali Quilting. Other then Denali is used alot in AK.

  2. That is scary! I bet you make sure they have a current number for you now.

    Ok, Pam.. You need to start commenting on our blogs too ya know!! And become followers!!
    That is how it works in blog world.