Thursday, May 6, 2010

quilting machine

The machine arrived in ANC and my mechanic is on his way down with it. He will also be setting the machine up for me, (how nice). He is going to stop and see the machine that I tried out to see how it's set up. I stopped at one of the quilt shops yesterday and the owner provided a couple phone numbers for a group that makes quilts for foster kids, I will give them a call when we get back from HI and see if they would like my services for free, so I have some quilts to practice on and also can get my name out there, so I can get some quilts for hire, when my work looks good.

I saw one of my bees land on the porch yesterday and it had pollen on it's leg, like a picture in the books, the poor bee looked like it needed a break and hopefully it was headed back to the hive. My bee's look different than the ones we have seen in the past that get caught on the mosquito eater, my bees are small and really pretty yellow.


  1. have you been stung yet? Getting closer to your dream of having a quilt shop!

  2. Good for you Pam! Hope the setting up goes well.

    Chyann always got a quilt when she was in the hospital. I think she has about four. All nicely folded up at the foot of her bed.

  3. got stung when put the bees in the hive. Not sure about quilt shop but hopefully quilting goes well. Quilts mean so much to people, I promise a prayer will go with every quilt I work on.