Thursday, March 11, 2010

Iditarod spirit

I think my dogs have the Iditarod Spirit, yesterday we cut wood and hauled several loads to the house, a load being about 100 lbs of wood because we use a small sled behind a well used 1980 skidoo elan which is missing several parts but runs, mechanics are so useful. So the good wood cutting spot is about 3 miles behind the house, the dogs like to run with the sno machine the lab can run about 20 mph and keep up for the 3 miles, the old hound dog followed along, and on her third leg she was so proud of herself for making the 9 miles, but after 12 miles she was giving me dirty looks and saying let me in the garage where its warm I have had enough. The lab did 4 round trips during the day plus all the other exploring she does. With a little help the hound will get on the machine for a ride, and the lab has figured out that a free ride is kind of nice on the parts of the trail that are long straight and fast. I was out riding by myself the day before while the mechanic was hauling some wood, and was looking for the lake that is about 8 miles from the house, but with the blowing snow I had lost the trail and was starting to get lost, so decided to head back home, another sno machiner showed up and showed me where the trail was. As I was leaving the lake I hit something and the handle bars jerked and I went off the back of the machine and it drove into the trees, but I was able to get it back on the trail myself and the guy that showed me the lake didn't see me crash (thanks goodness).


  1. My dad has old elans out at his cabin, good thing my dad cen keep them running too. Is it too cold for the old hound dog?

    Don't get lost, don't want to hear about you in the paper!

  2. Wow! You are lucky you didn't get hurt! We have a snowmachine here too and the oldest boy thinks it "fun" to drive fast on it. Scares the crap out of me!

    Do you guys burn wood for heat? We have both a propane furnace and a wood furnace. The propane gets started twice a year just to make sure it still works and we use wood exclusively. I like it better - feels warmer some how. Not to mention cheaper to go cut wood than buy propane.