Friday, March 12, 2010

iditarod spirit lives on

After work yesterday the dogs and I hauled 2 more loads of wood, so the old hound went 12 miles again, got to keep closer tabs on her, I didn't know she was following me the first trip and she showed up just as we were leaving with a load of wood. A few days ago one of the neighbors was talking with us while we were cutting wood and said to watch the dogs, there are wolves close by. One lady was killed by wolves a few days ago in one of the villages. So the second trip I made sure that the old hound stayed close. Then we put her in the garage and the lab and I made a run to the eagles watering hole. That old skidoo sure is a cold ride with out a cowling, but it's fun to ride, goes really good on the trails. Got home just as it was getting dark, got rid of the headache from work with all that fresh air.

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