Saturday, March 13, 2010

bee have a home

The 2 packages of bees I ordered now have a home. After work yesterday we drove to a local beekeepers place and he sold us 2 boxes of hives which consist of a bottom board, 2 deeps, 2 mediums, top and feeder. He traded some of the new combs for used drawn comb, also some with honey in the comb, which was great, that should result in more honey, the bees wont have to work as hard to get comb ready for brood and storing honey. Not sure I am using all the right bee words. We are going to put the bee hives on top of a shed roof, hopefully that will keep the bears out of the hives the shed is on our 2nd lot and is in a sunny spot with trees all around which should be a good place for the bees to live. The beekeeper was really helpfull with ideas and said he would come by anytime to look at the bees to see how there are doing. I am sure I will be asking him lots of questions this summer.


  1. cool! I have been thinking about bees now that you have gotten them. You should post some pics
    of how your setting them up

  2. Very coop Pam. What are your plans for the Bees? Making honey?