Saturday, March 20, 2010

I was brave

My last Friday after work, really a Monday I was very brave. Really needed to get some fresh air, dogs needed a good run, so got the old skidoo out of the garage and went riding by myself, no mechanic at home to bail me out if something happened. (the bravery, I have never went out before without the mechanic close by. It was great, I had a big smile on my face the whole time, went exploring down trails I have never been on before, when the dogs got tired they would jump on the sno machine, could even get both of them on and still go. We were out riding for 2 hours nothing happened and made it home ok. Next morning daughter and granddaughter left ANC early and got to my place we had the sno machines out and ready to ride by 11a so off exploring we went again. Found many places where the eagles had left wing and tail feather marks in the snow. The old skidoo did break down about 8 miles from home but called the mechanic and he gave me some pointers on getting it home, I was following instructions very well I thought, until a old guy came along and had a different train of thought, he had a long piece of tow rope that turned out to be very helpful and we got the machine running again. So did make it home ok again. It was such a beautiful day out, blue sky, warm temp and just great to be out there. The next day we went to town to watch the St Patricks day parade, think small and they don't close the street for the event, did have lots of candy for the kids though.


  1. Very brave to take out old sno go's without the MX along. Glad that the old man showed up.

  2. Sounds like your daughter and the baby spend a lot of time with you guys. That must be nice.

    We just put our snowmachine away yesterday, so no more riding for us.