Sunday, June 17, 2012

this and that

Every year I told myself to go take a picture of these flowers they grow in the spring on the banks of the creek behind the house, there hadn't been to many sunny days this spring to take flower pictures, but I did get down there and get a few shots, really do need sunshine to take flower pictures. 

This precious little gem got to come down and visit, didn't get to spend near enough time, we went and played bunco, she enjoys watching all the ladies and the game, was good the whole time, we had Asian food, played outdoors on the deck overlooking the river and the sun was shinning, I sure enjoy the bunco ladies.  Back to the little one she can stick out her tongue and make airplane noises, so funny.
This little fellor was so cute, he/she was running back and forth jumping on momma, trying to get her to play, but momma just wanted to eat the tall grass, I tried to get closer for a better pics, but even though momma had her head down in the grass she was well aware of where I was and didn't let me get close, off into the woods they ran.
The lady who drops of the charity quilts came to get them so had to get a pic, they sure were nice quilts, I hope that the kids who recieve the quilts can feel the love that surronds them.  That lady is moving away, so not sure if they are going to bring me more quilts or not, I hope so I enjoy doing the work for that group.


  1. That must be Tatums kid? She is a cutie. I sure do miss seeing baby moose. I see some fawns but not very often. I see more of them dead on the side of the road then alive.

  2. Sweet little baby :) Gorgeous quilts! Chyann get's a blanket or quilt every surgery - has a nice collection of them..

    Where is your headding picture taken? Is that near your house?