Saturday, July 28, 2012

said I'd never do

As a child growing up my dad had many different jobs, one of those was a garbage truck driver.  I remember getting to go in the truck with him and we would go to different houses and locations to gather garbage, he would always look to see if there was anything good.  I still have a tin-type photo album that he got from a trash can.  My mom would say that he would bring home more stuff than he took to the dump.  So I do have a fear of being a garbage collector, since I am under the belief that it could be used for something else or still good.  My mechanic will go to the dump and bring stuff back.  I guess it's bound to happen at some point, but I went to the dump and there sat on the ledge where people put the good stuff, a sewing machine, so after I tossed the bags of trash I put that sewing machine in my jeep, I don't even know if it works, but it is downstairs with the rest of my sewing stuff.  Can't make the picture print right now, so maybe later.


  1. LOL! A sewing machine ok.. Thought your title meant you got married!

  2. Every now and then we all turn to the dark side. LOL Thanks for the quilt, I got it yesterday.I really appreciate the time, and effort you put into it for me. Dad