Sunday, November 20, 2011

first customer

 This is the group of ladies that let me quilt with them on Tuesdays, they are a great group of ladies, they don't gossip (just fun stuff), they don't speak ill of people, if one needs some comfort then they make a quilt for them, it's quilt time with fun conversation and some lunch then back to sewing always getting lots done.
This is the first quilt that some one let me work on for hire.  The lady paid me $40.00 to quilt it for her.  I was not happy with the overall design, but she seemed pleased with it.  I don't have any more quilt for hire yet, but the quilt group has a top that they are giving to someone and they want me to quilt it for them, so I will pick that up on next Tuesday and work on that.  Got another quilt done that I am giving as a present for the family that took care of my granddaughter last summer on the weekends while I was at work.  The whole process of machine quilting is going much better, not a process of frustration, just getting the project completed with a bit of a smile on my face.

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