Saturday, December 3, 2011


I always go overboard for Thanksgiving, so much so I call myself the Thanksgiving slave, (family says I bring it on myself) spend 3 days cooking, for a 1 hour meal, but then lots of leftovers is good, so now that a week later my dogs are eating good.  I so enjoy having all my kids with me on that day, that it is worth it, if I do ask for help there is someone to pitch in.  Also found time to get a quilt done for the Tuesday group, they had made one for one of the gals, who had fell when a moose chased her, she is getting the quilt next week.  I won't be there because I am heading to town for the birth of granddaughter, who may show up on Monday the 5th.  I have the week off from work, to spend with newest family member.  Update later. 

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