Monday, April 18, 2011

spring is almost here

Son #1 and granddaughter came down to visit last weekend, and a muddy time was had by all. My finally clean house it not so clean any more someone put muddy hand prints outside and inside of the sliding glass door. That's OK Windex will take care of that, it was nice to have them come visit. I got home from work on Saturday afternoon and couldn't figure out where they were, knew they were close because all the dogs came running. I have always known that the property in certain areas turns into a lake in the springtime, but here is proof that the lakes exist in the spring time. They used shovels for oars, and the water isn't really deep, but enough to float a canoe.

The charity quilts that were dropped off last fall to be quilted, all got done before the lady came back to get them this spring. The picture is to far away to see the quilting, but I was grateful for the chance to get to practise on the quilts. I would like to keep doing some quilting for the group. Sounds like they will have more available for me to quilt.

Things are looking a little brighter. Maybe part of it is the spring, and some sunny weather.

Update on the sailors, they have finally left the pull of Vancouver Island and are officially on the inside passage, a couple of really good days has gotten them quite a way towards home.

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  1. Yep, sun and good wx can change an outlook on life.