Thursday, April 1, 2010

new mexico trip

If you see some grass like this at the white sands it isn't really grass
Move to another area and there will be a little bit more showing out of the sand
Look to another area and that is what the grass really is, the top of a cactus.

I had a wonderful visit with my folks in New Mexico the adventure is not over yet. The weather was not good at the El Paso airport when it was time for the plane to land the wind was blowing about 50 mph there was lots of dust in the air, so the airlines cancelled the flight. There were lots of unhappy people as the flight was over sold. Working for an airlines for all those years it was understandable for me. Rather be safe. So my trip was extened by a day. I am spending the night in El Paso TX, looking out the hotel window at the many lights of Mexico.

On my trip I got to go to the white sand, the area is very interesting. Went on a very long horse ride, there is a local place that takes people on rides, it was just me and a cowboy, the ride was suppose to be for 2 hours but we decided to go off road with the horse and checked out some amazing desert country. I was so surprised at the things we saw, there was a waterfall, some old tailing where some one had been mining. The horse I rode was very carefully with his steps and liked to pick his own way, he did try to knock me off a couple times and I got scratched on the face and arm, but I managed to hang on and not fall off. Had a great ride for 3 1/2 hours. We also took a drive up to the mountains to a Indian Reservation casino, they have a great view of Sierra Blanca a snow capped mountain and a good buffet. Drove to another town in the mountains that got 130 inches of snow this winter and the average is about 8 or 12 inches a year. The ski resort stayed open all winter long and just closed last weekend. We went out to eat at many neat places, there is great art work to be seen.


  1. Wow, sounds like you had a good trip. That white sand is beautiful. So, the grass in the first pic is really a cactus growing up out of the ground?

    I didn't know your folks lived in NM? I thought they were on the west coast somewhere.

    How long had it been since you'd rode a horse? Since your pony in PTH?

    I can't imagine 130" of snow! That's crazy.

  2. I was wondering the same thing. I bet you had some sore spots from being on a horse for that long! You still think that you might get a horse?