Thursday, April 29, 2010

finally did it

This is the white sands area.
Another pic from NM this is the horse that carried my butt on a desert ride.

My bee's seem to be doing OK, one hive is really active and attacks me when I open the top, the other hive I think is not doin so good they don't come out and attack me. The MX that ordered the bees for me was down this way but he didn't have time to come look at them. So now I need to bug my neighbor to come check the hive out.

The other new is I finally did it, I bought a long arm quilting machine. It's not my dream machine that's out of my price range right now. But I did get a brand new machine, that is being shipped to the house in ANC. The lady that sells the machine has a small quilt shop in Copper Landing. I won't get the machine until after our trip to HI, but am excited.

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