Saturday, April 28, 2012


I have a few days off from work, good thing I am ready, my computer broke at work and they sent a new one, well lots of updates and different looking stuff, and a new upgrade on the system that is used. to much change at once for my non computer brain.  So by the time I get back from vacation hopefully a computer person will have some time to walk me through some things.  Was going to fly some where for a visit but that didn't work out, so I am going to spend a birthday with son #2, who is going to be 30 and I can't believe it, when I asked him what he wanted to do he said "arnt you suppose to do something special on your golden birthday" I looked at the calender it said 30 and he is going to be 30 and I about dropped when did that happen how did he get to be that old and I didn't even realize it, which really means I am getting old, yuck.  For the remaining days of my vacation I am going to hang out with the mechanic on the boat, hope we actually get to go boating and he doesn't make me work on the darn thing the whole time, not really complaining I am one very fortunate gal.


  1. Sorry the trip did'nt work out, really miss you. Give Rengae a Birthday hug from Grandpa. Dad

  2. Hey Pam - nice to see you are back in the blogging world.

    He's 30 already/???!! crazy. THis whole getting old shit is for the birds that is for sure!!

    Hope you had a nice vactaion - tell your mx Hello :)