Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring time in Alaska

Today is April 7, 2012, and it's snowing.   Two weeks ago it was 9 below in the morning, spring really is on its way, but winter is not letting go with out a fight.  Got 2 packages of bee's ordered, wasn't so sure I was going to do that again, but it is a hobby, I am sure $100.00 a ounce is really not cost effective shopping, but there is more to having bee's than that, the bee's should be here on the 13th.  All is well so haven't been blogging much, hopefully with summer there will be more pictures and activities to share.  I have spent lots of time of the snow machines, was out 2 nights ago, but the snow is hard packed and was a nice ride just a bit rough. 


  1. Old man winter just doesn't want to let this one go does he? Hopefully after this long winter you all will have a fantastic spring and summer.

  2. that's why I live in the desert southwest. No snow, and very few freezing nights. I was able to ride the motorcycle all winter. Glad spring is on it's way for you. Dad