Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am in the laundry room Canoe Cove Sidney BC. Was going to fly home today, but the couple I met several years ago that live here invited us to dinner tonight at their house so I am staying extra day, so hopefully fly out tomorrow, I have to be back to work on Fri so that gives me 2 days to travel.

We have had a great time on the boat. Got to CA early last Wed morn, rented a car got a nap, then to WalMart for supplies and got groceries. Early Thurs we got out of the harbor and headed North West. Spent the night in Port Browning was a great spot they had a cafe/bar open showers and a short walk to town. There was a book store and the lady behind the counter talked me into buying "Folly" by Laurie King. I haven't read allot but it's a great book.

Next morning it was off to Point Roberts nice place had time for dinner and a shower. Got up really early left before daylight, it was suppose to blow about 25 to 30 on the Straits of Georgia but was a really nice sail not to much wind. Then on to Steward Island in San Juan's, no facilities there but a dock that had 2 other boats tied up. One couple in a big sail boat that were really friendly we went over to their boat for coffee and lots of good stories. Next morning it was back to home base for the boat for the winter.

Then decided that a few things needed to be fixed before the boat stays for the winter so we brought it over to Canoe Cove had the boat hauled out onto land and the work is getting done. Every one that sees the boat says "wow", what a neat boat. It gets lots of smiles when people look at it.

I have been taking pictures and will get some on the post, but the lap top in the laundry room isn't going to work to well for now.


  1. Sounds like a successful trip Pam. Looking forward to the pictures. How was the weather? Any snow yet?

  2. Sailor Pam! Pretty soon you and the MX will selling all that you have and heading out to sea.