Saturday, November 13, 2010

back home

Wed morning took a 6a flight out of Victoria got into ANC at 1145a, not feeling well, so took a nap, then my daughter and I went got some lunch and shopping done. Was going to drive home early the next morning but still not feeling well so got a late start. got back to the peninsula about 4p. The snow was deep, my jeep plowed it's way into the drive way. I was going to start the snow blower, but the mechanic didn't have it ready, it was in the shed, not the garage gassed and ready. So I had to drag it through the snow and never did get it started so put it in the garage. It did start the next day, but needed oil which I couldn't find in the neat organized garage (ha). So now 2 days later the snow blower will be ready to go when I get home from work today and lots of snow to start in on.
the mechanic is still on the boat in the boat yard waiting for them to finish up the project, hopefully the boat will be back in the water on Monday or Tuesday.
Was a nice time off and hard to be back to work. So much to get ready for the holidays, so am glad to be back home. I forgot my camera, so hopefully will remember next day and get some pics posted.

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