Saturday, October 16, 2010


Finished up the machine quilting class, the class was on a regular sewing machine, not a long arm, but most of the principals I learned will apply to the long arm. The best thing I learned was to relax, enjoy and slow down until I get more comfortable with the long arm. The long arm quilting hasn't been going well, so I've not been spending any time on the machine, but I am ready to tackle quilting on the long arm again. I have a cute kids print panel on the long arm now and am doing some thread painting on the picture and it's actually fun. I have tried to quilt 2 different quilts and had to take them off and rip out all the stitches, not fun.

Gotten much colder out. The moose trails that are usually full of water were the dogs and I walk are frozen now, so the ole hound and I are having a easier walk on the ice instead of in water, the lab prefers the water but there is still plenty of that for her.

We took a evening walk 2 nights ago and a large quiet shadow flew over head, swooped down over the dogs, they got quite excited and started barking at it. Took me a few seconds to realize it was an owl. Last night I could hear the wolves howling. There must have been more activity out side because the dogs woke me up at 5a, so I stayed up and watched on DVD part of "Emily of New Moon" and worked on a cross stitch project. Sure am tired at work, because I stayed up late last night listening to the ACES first home hockey game on the radio.

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