Thursday, October 21, 2010


The hockey team that called for me to play, is going to let me play with them even though I'm not a very good hockey player, but I do enjoy playing. I did get a goal last Sunday night's game. Totally freaked me out, but was exciting to get one in the net. The first game I played there was 3 lines, the next game there was 4 on the bench and last game was 2 lines. Not sure what happened to all them players, but it's nice for more ice time. I am really sore and have a huge bruise on one thigh, but so worth it.

Another dog fell in the creek about a mile up from where the ole hound fell in. It was the neighbors lab that fell in. So we went on a longer walk were she had never been with us before and I don't think she knew the creek was there and she runs so fast she fell right in. Fortunately she started whimpering right away and I heard her, the grass is over my head by the creek so I fought my was to where I could hear her and had to get down on hands and knees to reach way down and pull her by the neck out of the creek. She stayed a little closer after that.

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