Saturday, February 27, 2010

where eagles fly

There is just something about getting out after a day of work, walking with the dogs in the snow and sunshine, looking up in the sky and seeing the eagles flying. The soul is calmed, outlook on life is refreshed, and makes me wish I could soar up there with them. The weather took a turn, it has been seasonally warm, but cooled off, so on that nice sunny day, thinking that it was still warm, I dressed light no hat, no fleece layer, well it wasn't that warm should have looked at the temp before I left the house, the temp was cooler and there was a breeze so I got chilled, it took hot cocoa, blanket and heating pad in bed to warm me up.


  1. Ya big sissy! I'm happy today. Yesterday am it was -5 at my house and today its 37! Spring may have come to WI.

  2. Hello Pam

    Keep the posts coming!

    I didn't know Tatum had a baby!!

    Tell James Hi.