Wednesday, February 17, 2010

denali and moose

Yesterday took the dogs for a walk, since the lab Denali has a need to bark at moose I try to stay away from them, but that isn't easy there are moose every which way. One moose was off in the flats so I decided to redirect our path so as not to get close to that moose, well it is needful to also look ahead which I didn't and right in front of us was another moose Denali started barking at it and this moose decided to give chase well when I looked up there is a big moose ears back headed right for me, I am not sure how close it was but it looked big and close, I turned around and smacked my face with a bush and got the heck out of there. It was a nice day for a walk didn't need hat gloves we walked to a spot about 2 miles behind the house where there is some open water and the birds mostly ravens and crows like to sit, It was a bit unnerving to have all the ravens flying around especially if you have seen the movie "the birds". The eagles are so impressive. We sat down for a while hoping some eagle would come back but they didn't, about every 2 minutes a raven would fly over us and tell the other birds we were still there. I did put the shock collar on Denali for this morning walk, of course she found a moose she was off in the woods, I shocked her a couple times and nothing happened so I turned it up full blast gave a shock heard her yelp and she came when called. So it really does work, I just need to make sure I keep it on her for all walks.

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  1. I wondered if they really work, how far can the dog be untill it stops working?