Wednesday, April 16, 2014

been a while

 Its been awhile since I blogged, I do enjoy the time spent, but I think since I lost my mom whom most of my posts were directed at I feel like no one read, so why bother.  Since they are a diary of sorts I guess I will keep it up.

On one of my drives to the big city, I stopped to take pictures of the inlet, the ice was moving so fast, it is such a pretty place and usually we just zoom on by, so a stop now and then is worth the time.
 A long weekend was spent down in Las Vegas, attended a wedding which had Elvis in the ceremony.  He was a pretty good Elvis.  Vegas has changed, not so much for kids, that and it was St Pattys day, who knew it is a 3 day party.  Live band on the streets were nice.  One down side, we stayed at New York New York with the roller coaster right out the window, so every 15 minutes screaming could be heard as they rolled past. 
I didn't make this quilt, one of the quilting ladies trusted me enough to quilt it for her, its going to be for her granddaughters graduation.  The quilt was huge a oversized queen.  There are many different elements to the quilt, and I was very nervous to quilt it, she is a amazing quilter and I am a beginner longarmer.  She did like the job I did and wants me to do another one, so I must have done OK.  The information I have read about longarm is that one develops their own style,  I see so many beautiful quilts, and wonder can I ever do that, an amazing longarm lady told me to just keep practising, so I will.


  1. Hi Pam!! good to hear from you!!
    beautiful quilt... I'm anxious to see the final of the one you are making (the compass??)

  2. Hey Pam - Sorry to hear about your Mother. I can't even imagine how hard that must be. Hope you are getting thru and doing alright. Los Vegas for a wedding? Sounds like a good time, except for that screaming every few minutes. That is a lovely quilt and I'm sure you did a wonderful job getting it quilted with the longarm. Take care.