Friday, August 9, 2013


Had a week off from work, so off I go sailing with Capt Blythe, aka my mechanic, the weather was great, we had big plans of going around the point, some where I haven't been yet, but the closer we got to the big water, the bigger the waves got, now the boat can take it just fine, but when Capt asked did I want to do that for 6 more hours, my response was no, I wanted to enjoy the vacation, so we turned around and found calmer water.  I did get some fishing in we had 3 different kinds of poles on board, halibut, trolling, and casting.  I did catch 2 cod trolling, but didn't keep them.  Some folks gave us some bait since we didn't really plan on fishing, I used it all up, but just feed the fish, no barn door halibut for me.  Spent one night at the dock across the bay, I did get out and got some salmon berries.  Going to make a batch of jam with them.  Another night on the hook, found a really neat spot quiet, with the eagle flying around, the mornings were calm beautiful and not much beats being on a boat.  I told my mechanic, I never dreamed growing up in Montana that I would be sailing in Alaska. 

I always enjoy seeing the otters this one looked really big.
The boat got some new improvements, so it's easier to sail, was much more enjoyable sailing than the past things are working better, part is Capt is getting use to the boat, and the weather was great.

After the sailing trip, I drove to Anchorage, it was time for the yearly girls go out and see Alaska trip.  Nome Alaska was picked this year.  Plane tickets were purchased, hotel and rental car lined up.  Got up at 4am to catch the flight, got there so early had time for breakfast, sight seeing, grocery store for snacks, dinner out, granddaughter #1 said when it was time for bed, they had really long days there.  I laughed, told her it was because we got up so early the day was long.  The weather was nice while we were there, one of the travel tips I got was the best part about visiting Nome was getting out of Nome, and we saw why, the country side there is very pretty, there are vast valleys, and lots of hills, Nome has 300 miles of road so there are lots of things to see, we didn't see allot of wildlife, but I know that the wild animals do not stand by the road waiting for the tourist.  There are lots of berries, birds, and the ocean view is spectacular.

The last night there we drove out of town looking for the musk oxen and found them not to far from town, they are awesome to see.  We spent quite a while sharing the spy glasses and looking at them.  I so enjoy my time with family on these special trips.  I tell every nice person that we have a chit chat with in these towns visiting, how we feel that since we live in the most beautiful state, that people travel from around the world to visit we should get out and see it, so a different town is picked to spend a few day at.  A few year ago I asked the grand kid what town she wanted to visit next and she told me Chuck E Cheese, so she hasn't got to pick, but this year she said Juneau would be next years trip, being the Capital.  Well I have been to Juneau, so we will have to also go somewhere out side of Juneau that I haven't been to yet, maybe Glacier Bay would be a good side trip.  I'll have to start researching next years trip.

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  1. What a great vacation Pam. Sailing w/the Capt and time with your kiddos. Glad you posted some pictures. In Nome did you see any of those gold dredgers? Everyone around here is fascinated by AK show. Even more so than Deadliest catch.